Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lada Priora — the prices

Sedan of the "Lada Priora» with 8-valves the 1,6-litre motor (81 h.p.) there are 285 700 roubles. In a base complete set — a pillow of safety of the driver, the central lock, front electrowindow regulators.

«Priora» with more powerful 16-valves the engine of the same volume (98 h.p.) it is offered at the price of 303 400 roubles. In base for this version a complete set "Norm" are in addition engaged: the wheel booster, audiopreparation, light-alloy disks, mirrors with the electric drive and heating up. The version "Lux" is added by a passenger pillow of safety, ABS, the air conditioner, heating up of front seats, fog lights, rear Parktronic, light and rain gauges (345 700 roubles).

The prices for "Priora" with a body a hatchback begin with 308 600 roubles for the car with 16-valves the motor performed by "Norm". Not less than 348 900 roubles there is a hatchback in a complete set "Lux".

«Lada Priora» with a body the versatile person in a complete set "Norm" costs 313 900 roubles, and performed by "Lux" — 357 100 roubles.

The three-door hatchback of "Lada Priora Coupe» is offered only in the maximum complete set for 375 000 roubles.
Sedan - Lada Priora

Lada Priora hatchback

Lada Priora Universal

Lada Priora interior

Also is planned to begin small-scale release of version «Lada Priora Sports» with the engine forced to 125 h.p., clasp brakes, more rigid springs of a suspender and with a sports weather-cloth. The prospective price — about 400 thousand roubles.

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  1. The Lada Priora's back view resembles the style of Toyota Camry (Mod: 2007).